Tips for First Time Dog Owners

Posted by Sierra Jack on 10/14/2014 to Health

Congratulations, you have your first dog! Whether you brought home a puppy or adopted an older dog, you are sure to enjoy many years of special affection. This blog post has some tips and practical advice that will hopefully make things easier for you as you get started.

Find a Good Veterinarian

There are many animal hospitals, clinics and vets to chose from, but don’t assume that they are all the same. It is possible that the clinic nearest your home is not the best. Talk to other owners in your area or visit local websites and forums. An excellent Vet can not only save you money by avoiding health issues, they can also play an important role in making your pet healthier and happier.

Locate a Doggie Daycare With A Good Reputation

If you have to work long hours from time to time (or on a regular basis), a doggie daycare could be a great solution for you and your dog. Dogs are very social and leaving them alone all day can lead to big problems. When left alone too long they tend to act out, make a mess, go potty indoors, and be less responsive to your commands. When your dog has socialized and exercised all day they will just be happier. Also, if you have just worked an extra long day, you will be greeted by a tired dog that just wants to relax with you. Doggie Daycare runs from $10 - $30 per day.

Be Temperature Sensitive

Basically if it’s too hot or too cold for you, the same will hold true for your dog. That’s just common sense. On hot days be sure to have plenty of fresh cold water available. If you’re in frigid winter temperatures just limit you time outdoors and dress your dog if it’s appropriate for that breed.


Sure there are times when your dog misbehaves and needs to take a time out. But looking long-term positive reinforcement always works best. Dogs want nothing more than to please you so try to make them when your are happy. Reinforce their good behavior with high value treats, affection and toys. Scolding them is not going to produce repeated good behavior as much as positivity.

Take a Training Class

This class would be for the both of you. Dogs and puppies need directions. Owners need to know how to give directions. There is nothing complicated here, but dog trainers have lots of knowledge to give to both of you.

Feed Quality Food

A quality diet is essential. Foods like our Holistic Puppy Formula are designed to help your pet’s development in every way. Growing bodies need protein, minerals, vitamins and a well balanced diets. Our goal to support healthy immune and digestive systems in early life so your puppy will be running around for years to come!

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