Ann B.
"As a dog owner who only wants the best for her dogs, I know I can trust SierraJack. I have raised three healthy and happy dogs on Sierra Natural food and the treats. Sierra Jack's delivery service is perfect for my busy schedule. I have never run out of food and I don't have to bother with lugging big bags of kibble in and out of the car. I'll never buy pet food anywhere else!"

Suzanne Petrizzi
"I have been feeding my three dogs the SierraJack Lamb and Rice formula for a little over two years now, and not only do my two finicky pomeranians love it the older one with the sensitive stomach hasn't had any problems since she's been on it. Not only is it good for my dogs it gets delivered right to my door, so convienient. I highly recommend SierraJack!!!!"

Loren C, Ridgewood NJ
"I have been using Sierra Jack for about 4 years now amd my dogs and foster dogs love the dry Natural Premium. I like that fact that the food is all natural without any of the commerical brand garbage. One of the important features I find very helpful is that Sierra Jack dog food also comes in bags of 100lbs plus they supply a bin to keep the food fresh! The convenience of home delivery is undeniably a huge bonus! Anytime I'm running low or want to order biscuits, etc, Sierra Jack usually delivers within a day or two. Very happy customer and pups!"

Rick Pisani, Ringwood, NJ
"Dear Friends at Sierra Jack, As I lifelong dog owner, I must say , Sierra Jack's dog food is simply the finest food available. I'm a label reader, and when you compare the nutritional break-down of Sierra Jack's formulas against any of the other premium brands, you definitely get the most bang for your buck with Sierra Jack. My dogs love both the Chicken & Rice, and the Salmon & Rice Blends. Even my finicky senior Maltese, Toby, devours the food with gusto, and has gotten a renwed "spring in his step" since we switched to Sierra Jack. My Golden Retriever, Gio, boasts a radiant coat which I attribute to your food. Keep up the great work. Love your products."

Ty Poland
"Sierra Jack Natural Pet Food is great, when our family made the switch to it, our cats loved it. As soon as we poured the food in their dish, they ran over and started to eat it, they still do to this day. What makes this even better is that this food is good for them, there are no extra, unhealthy ingredients, yet they still love it. This is by far the best food our family has ever bought, I don't think we will ever switch to a different brand."

Bruce Kuhn
"The Kuhn's Household is a fan of Sierra Jack Pet Foods. We text our order in and it's delivered when we want it which makes it convenient! Additionally, it's holistic and our dogs love it! Jack is always extremely personable when we have questions or comments. We couldn't be happier! Bruce, Marianne, Dante, and Rosie!"

John Douglass
"Jack, Thank you so much for recommending moving my dog Kaylee, who is 10 yrs old over to Sierra Jack lowfat senior dry dog food. I have had problems in the past with her being finicky about what she eats, but she eats this without a care! Its hard as she gets older to keep her trim, but this is certainly helping and shining up her coat to! We are customers for life!"

Tom Tolve
"I just want to let you know how happy Reese and I are with Sierra Jack Holistic Low Fat dog food. An aging beagle, weight management has always been an issue for Reese and after turning his nose up at other weight management formulas, it was great to find one that he likes so much. It gives me great comfort knowing that all the ingredients are all natural and there are no by-products or fillers. Combine a great price and free in-home delivery and it’s a win-win for everyone. Thanks so much!"

Tara D., Brick, NJ
"Sierra Jack Petfoods has a quick response time when I place an order, prompt delivery service that is easy and convenient, plus my pug, Noodle, can't wait to indulge in his holistic low fat formula petfood when it arrives!"

Erick and Cristian
"Hi Jack,
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how satisfied we are with Sierra Jack dog food. We have been ordering the Holistic Premium Chicken Formula for a few years now and have been pleased with all the compliments we receive on our dogs. People say that their teeth are clean, their fur is beautiful and they don't have that typical dog smell. Even the vet was praising their good health. We will continue to use Sierra Jack foods with the comfort of knowing how great it is for our dogs. Thanks again!"

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