Switching Foods

Posted by Sierra Jack on 6/3/2012 to FAQ's

Switching Pet Foods

Some pets may be reluctant to give up what has looked, smelled and tasted familiar to them in the past. To assist the transition to a healthier diet, we recommend the following approach.

  1. When switching from one brand of dry food to Sierra Jack food, gradually introduce the new food over a 5 to 10 day period. Mix the new food product with the pet's former food, gradually increasing the proportions until it is completely Sierra Jack food.
  2. When switching from canned to dry food, we recommend the following approach: Add warm water to the dry food, let stand for 10 minutes then mix thoroughly to make a gravy like consistency.
  3. When changing pet foods, the pet may experience some loose stools and/or gassiness, which is completely normal. This condition will disappear after the pet has become accustomed to the new food, which should be in 3 - 7 days.
  4. To ensure the symptom-free transition to a healthier diet for even the most sensitive canine digestive systems, we recommend the utilization of Eagle Pack Holistic Transition (2.2 oz. bottle - $4.95) Sprinkle one level tablespoon of Eagle Pack’s Holistic Transition over the food, once daily, until the contents of the canister are consumed (approximately 7 days).
  5. From our experience, we have found that, not only do pets readily accept Sierra Jack Super Premium pet food, but actually prefer it to many other brands.


Bag 1: 3 level scoops old food and 1 level scoop Sierra Jack.
Bag 2: 2 level scoops old food and 2 level scoops Sierra Jack.
Bag 2: 1 level scoops old food and 3 level scoops Sierra Jack.

Serve your dog successively bags 1 then 2 then 3, then when each is depleted, serve all Sierra Jack. For a large breed dog eating about 4 cups per day, this creates a 10-day smooth transition to the new food.

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