Shelter Our Pets Annual Fundraiser

Posted by Sierra Jack on 11/16/2014 to Local Services

We were part of a fundraiser for a worthy cause last weekend. Shelter Our Pets is a fantastic organization in Montvale, NJ that protects animals of abuse victims. They recently held their annual Holiday Bazaar and Craft Fair Fundraiser, and Sierra Jack was honored to have been invited. We were on hand to distribute care packets of our high quality holistic dog foods.

Here is some information about Shelter Our Pets from there website:


Shelter Our Pets is an all-volunteer nonprofit corporation serving New Jersey. Our mission is to provide a safe haven for the pets of victims of domestic violence who are fleeing their abusive situations. Shelter Our Pets assists people seeking safety from violence by providing alternatives to giving up a beloved pet, leaving a pet behind in a potentially dangerous situation or continuing to subject themselves and their pets to abuse.

Shelter Our Pets provides a specialized service, offering loving care and shelter to pets of abuse victims, either with a foster family or at an area kennel, until they can be reunited with their owners. Our long term vision is to create housing where abuse survivors can reside with their pets while they rebuild their lives.

Shelter Our Pets services include fostering, boarding, medical care, behavior modification, food, toys, supplies and all the love and nurturing pets need while under our care. Shelter Our Pets will also offer adoption services for pets who can no longer be kept by their owners.


For more information I encourage you to visit:

Shelter Our Pets
P.O. Box 564
Montvale, NJ 07645

Phone: 973-506-9696



Date: 1/10/2015
Great article. It really makes you appreciate the value in shelters.
Date: 1/10/2015
Great article. It really makes you appreciate the value in shelters.

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