Importance of Hydrating your Pet in Summer Heat

Posted by Jack on 6/27/2013 to Health

Panting Dog

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Whether you’re a first time pet owner or have been around dogs all your life, here are some simple reminders to help keep your dog hydrated.

Keep fresh water available at all times

Dogs can drink a surprising amount of water in a short time, and if you have multiple dogs, that water supply will disappear even faster than you think.

Keep several water sources available around your home for your dogs. That way, if you forget to fill one or if the dogs drink all the water, they have another source to access when they need hydration.

Make water available outdoors

Most dogs love being outside, and oftentimes they don't have the good sense to stay inside. Provide a bowl or bucket full of clean water for your outdoor-going dogs, and change it daily to ensure that it is clean and accessible.

Add ice cubes to your dog's water bowl

Add some ice to their drinking water to keep it cold throughout the day. Dump a handful in periodically, and that will help to make sure your dogs are getting cool water to drink.

Don't let your dogs guzzle down ice-cold water after being outdoors in the hot sun or playing/exercising. Just like with people, water that cold can shock their system and make them sick if they chug it down. Provide cool water instead of cold after activities.

Plan Playtime During Cool Hours

When it comes to playtime with your dogs, owners should try to take their dogs out earlier in the day or later in the evening. This is because during the brink of the day, dogs can become dehydrated more quickly.

Quick Tips:

  • Create shady areas outside for your pets.
  • If your dog has free range outdoors, limit their time outdoors and try to make sure that they stay in except for going out to do their business during the hottest part of the day.
  • For those of you who personally escort your dog’s out-of-doors, keep walks short and relaxed. Try to keep your dog in the shade as much as possible.
  • Allow your dogs into air conditioned areas.
  • If you have room air conditioners, make sure there is an air-conditioned area that your dogs can also access.
  • Remember, never leave your dog in a car. Cars become ovens in hot weather.
  • Keep long-haired pets trimmed over the summer months, but never shave them completely. A dog’s coat protects them from overheating and sunburn.

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