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Posted by Sierra Nick on 10/25/2012 to Local Services

BRUNO the Dachshund gets a New Home!

Bruno the Adopted Dachshung

At 10 years old, Bruno found himself without a home...luckily, the good folks over at the Connecticut Dachshund Rescue and Pet Services were able to contact Brandon and Chloe.

Long story short, Brandon has an EXCELLENT new home and was thrilled to adopt Bruno!

When Brandon called to let me know Bruno turned away from a popular store brand, I thought I'd run over with some Sierra Jack Holistic Premium Chicken and Breathies treats! Sure enough, Bruno was all over the good stuff!

Bruno sleeping

I really had a nice visit learning about Brandon, who grew up in Ohio and raised Dachshunds his whole life. Brandon now volunteers his time with the animal rescue in Connecticut and the AAC in East Harlem, in addition to being a professional musician and entertainment promoter. It's clear that Bruno has a great place to stay with amazing foster parents and seems to have made himself at home right away!

I love a story with a happy ending :-)

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