Benefits of a Grain-Free Diet for your Dog

Posted by Sierra Jack on 7/2/2013 to Health
No Grain Buffalo and Duck Formula

New Buffalo & Duck Formula

Recently you may have been hearing at the dog Park, or from other pet owners the benefits of a grain free diet. Here are a few ideas to consider. Grain Free foods are low-carb, and you probably know how effective those diets are these days. Some of the popular ones are Atkins, South Beach, Paleo (Cave-Man), just to name a few.

Similar to humans there has been evidence showing that low-carb/high-protein diets can help to promote a healthier weight, and thus better overall health. The same may be true for your dog. Additionally, many dogs develop allergies to common ingredients in pet food - corn, wheat, and soy are frequently found to be the causes. These ingredients are widely used by giant pet food manufactures because they are cheap fillers, despite offering no nutritional value. 

A Grain-Free diet may help if your dog has chronic skin, coat or digestive problems. None of Sierra Jack Petfoods contain corn, wheat or soy and our grain free varieties take it one step further. 

Along with our Grain-Free Chicken Formula, we now have added Buffalo & Duck Formula to our Grain-Free lineup. It leverages two novel protein sources in a holistic balanced blend for optimum digestive and skin health. 

Grain free dog food is not for every pet, but if you are noticing problems with digestion, skin/coat or weight gain, your dog may benefit from one of our grain free foods.

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