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Farmed in the Midwest

Sierra Jack's – Pet Health Food Store in NYC

What makes Sierra Jack so great?

As a dedicated pet health food store serving NYC, NJ and CT pet owners have come to love Sierra Jack's Holistic Petfoods. We start with the highest quality ingredients, and then add 8 groups of sequestered vitamins and trace minerals to make food that maximizes the health and well-being of your pet.

We add NONE of the things that you would not want in your pet's food:

  • NO by-products
  • NO artificial preservatives
  • NO chemical dyes
  • NO added sugars
  • NO wheat gluten
  • NO wheat

Unlike other pet food you’ll find across pet food stores near NYC, our cooking process maximizes the food's digestibility, deliverable nutrition, and the great taste. Plus, our industry-unique home delivery program provides an incredible freshness that is unattainable with a normal 3-tier distribution system. The end result is one of the best pet foods available at any price.

Our foods are 100% manufactured in the Midwest, with all ingredients sourced here in the states, except for the (free-range) lamb, which comes in from New Zealand. As a result, Sierra Jack Petfoods had no products recalled or involved in the China Pet Food Recall. If one is really concerned about China as a source of potential problems, then yes, feeding your pet Sierra Jack Petfood is a safe a way to go.

Last year, there were over 160 companies, whose pet foods were recalled, and some of those were name brands. Most are also owned by large corporations where reducing costs has become a corporate mantra. It turns out they had found a way to reduce costs by adding wheat gluten, corn gluten, and/or rice protein concentrates to their foods. These ingredients, which were being sourced from China, had somehow been tainted with melamine, a compound used in the production of plastics. Interestingly melamine substantially enhanced the ability of these additives to raise the measurable (not the usable) protein level in a pet food. Sadly, the melamine, apparently in combination with another ingredient was toxic to the pets that were eating it. Sierra Jack does not, nor have we ever, used these types of fillers in our foods. We feel they should not be in any pet food. If these other so-called “name brands” cared about food safety, there would have been no opportunity for the infection of melamine to occur and none of our beloved pets would have gotten sick or died at all.

Is the food 'human grade'?

We use only human grade quality ingredients.

What are the benefits to feeding a pet top quality dog food?

There have been many instances where proper nutrition in the early life of a dog, has been used to minimize or eliminate health problems later in life. An example would be the work Eagle Pack has done to solve the Rickets problem with Great Danes and Hip Dysplasia in German Shepherds. With Labradors and particularly Weimeraners also they now believe that specific levels of phosphorous in the food, and a specific range of protein fed in the first year or life can prevent the typical arthritis problems these breeds experience later in life. You might Google these problems or Eagle Pack or The Great Dane Lady to get more information.

Good foods like ours are supplemented to maximize and maintain the good health of our pets with many healthy ingredients such as Glucosamine for joint and bone health as well as Prebiotics and Probiotics. These are live bacteria strains similar to what is in Activia Yogurt that enhance a dog's digestive system and the immune functions.

What does 'holistic' mean when it comes to dog food and why is it important?

It refers to food which is developed with the overall integrated long term health of the pet in mind. We have followed the lead of some of our highly respected peers in the industry who only use it when the food has holistic ingredients included, such as the aforementioned probiotics.

Is there cat food available too?

We have two high quality cat foods available - one is a high protein Cat/Kitten formula and another lower fat version for the more sedentary indoor cat.

Why do your customers like this food for their pets?

Our pet health food customers in NYC, as well as clients from CT, NY and NJ, know they can provide no better food for their pets than ours, and they appreciate the convenience of free home delivery. Plus, we are able to bring them quality food at prices at least 10% below what a comparable item would cost elsewhere!

Sierra Jack Petfoods began in CT in 2001, and has expanded through NYC, Long Island, and NJ. We also provide FREE delivery to those who live near our distribution centers. We proudly have about 5000 dogs and cats that have been thriving on our foods for many years.

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